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I can't think of a title for this journal

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 23, 2017, 9:16 PM
Add whatever you want here.

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".

I just want to mention that I'm only doing this for a friend that is having issues with people being terrible.(Like crazy exs & their guilt tripping lying friends)  I know some(if not most) of my friends don't like the tag/copypaste if you stuff, I'm just doing this to let my friend know that I'm not a fake friend

This has been copy/pasted from my tumblr post & YouTube post because I just don't have the motivation to type this again... I just want my cat back...

My cat Simmy died today, she was about 17 years old & use to sleep in my room with me before she died. .... She used my hand as a pillow one last time as the vet put her to sleep...

Simmy's full name was Simchat Torah was adopted from the pound when she was 1 year old & my brother was 2.(He's graduating this year so now I have to remember that with my cat's funeral) She had been brought to the house to deal with mice & we took her in after that. She's been in the family ever since, for a while she was stuck at my dad's but after I graduated in 2014 we got a house & brought her home.(The landlords to our apartment wouldn't let us bring her due to the last people with pets)

When we brought Simmy home we also brought a stray cat that looked kind of like her(who went missing around November 2016), she didn't like other cats so she stayed in my room. We let her out when we could & she liked having my room to herself. She also slept on the bed with me pretty much every night & purred loudly when getting petted. She'd some times rub against my hand or lick me, when she was more active she'd climb on me.

Around the later end of 2016 Simmy finally started showing she was old(besides sleeping a lot instead of exploring); she got cataracts in one eye & she was losing most of her bottom teeth. In recent months of 2017 she's been having trouble climbing which lead me to get something to help her have an easier time when she got onto the bed. Simmy was smart enough to learn quickly that it could help her get down too instead of just jumping off the bed with a random chance of falling over.

When I came home on Easter Sunday 2017 she was not only limping badly but it seemed like her body ate away at her hind legs as they were skin & bone. She was completely fine when I left besides a puking episode. We knew it was getting time to put Simmy to sleep but then last night her kidneys stopped working & she had trouble getting to her litter box. By now she actually had to drag herself across the ground to get to where she needed to.

...When I got home my mom had gotten Simmy ready to got to the vet... I recorded her on the way there, she was just watching & curious about everything that passed by the car because she refused to come out of my room until recently but even then she'd return if she saw the other two cats we have.... I also finally noticed any visible skin(like the nose, some spots above the eyes that lost a lot of fur & in the ears) had yellowed. I had noticed her gums were yellowing but not much else.

...We buried her in the backyard, my mom is also trying to cremate her... I was really hoping Simmy would last longer especially since she was only recently showing age...

I can at least know she lived a fairly loved life & her last days/years were spent being cared for & having company especially when she went to sleep on my bed.... It's kind of hard to think she's gone.... I didn't cry much during funerals I went to but I cried as my mom & I left the vet to wait at the car for her body... She's not in pain anymore...
I want to thank :iconanxiousmofo89: for telling me what happened

A person on Tumblr called generationstar has stole art from my & a friend I won't name here because DA being a jerk… <-- Here is a link to the post with stolen art
Whoops by LiveWireGothHere is the original post I made of my art

Now you're probably thinking "Why not ask them about it" well I tried & they have their messages set to followers only. I'm not following someone just to confront them about art theft. I wanted to talk to them calmly about this but it's kind of hard to when they don't make it easy.

I also want to mention that they not only did not ask permission to use my art but they did not credit the original source. They also did not ask my friend especially given that this was old art of their's & so the person would have had to search for them to ask permission.(As the art was from their frozen account) My friend is aware of the theft & confirmed that they never gave permission & even figured out that a friend of their's got stolen art as well.

If the art thief does this again we'll be forced to report them but I doubt Tumblr will do anything as they barely do anything to help.(I swear most of my blocks on the site are nothing but porn blogs that followed me due to the bots thinking I like porn when I don't)

Update: So :iconanxiousmofo89: found out their DA account, I have no idea why I couldn't find it the last time I checked. :icongenesiswonder-gx: I don't appreciate that you not only posted my art without permission but you were also asking talking to me a while back & most of my art is on here SO YOU KNEW VERY DAMN WELL WHO TO ASK PERMISSION TO ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON DA! I don't appreciate you doing this, I have had to deal with people posting my art without permission before. I would have allowed you to post the pic if you had asked & credited/linked your source but I'm not going to now thanks to what happened.

I'm not going to give you permission for any of my art after this, you should know VERY WELL to ask before trying this & if someone says no or you aren't getting a response THEN DON'T FUCKING POST IT!
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So my stepsister's cousin was in the hospital all weekend, from what I get on Friday(maybe) she, her twin & her mom when on a girl scouts trip. For a bit before she mentioned head aches & seemed to be ok but then when they stopped at a park bench on the trip she mentioned pain before throwing up & becoming unresponsive. She was in the hospital & when my mom came to pick my brother & I up we learned she was announced brain dead, they had found a tumor earlier & she was to ill to get surgery. A bit later when we got home & I was putting together some figures I got earlier my mom told me that Ella(not sure if that's how you spell her name) was dead.

I wasn't really close to Ella, I wasn't really fond of the kids because they were so loud & kept waking me up when I as sleeping. I remember people saying that they though Ella would have OCD when she was older & she always seemed bossy but she's family & my other stepsister was close to her & her sisters. They were all around her her age(about 9-10 by now) & came over to play all the time especially the youngest sister. Despite this it feels off that she's dead now especially since she was pretty young. I'm not sure how to feel especially since I have trouble showing emotions at most of the time, I've dealt with losing pets & the death of my grandma. My grandpa has cancer now & I lost a grandpa(my dad's dad) I didn't know very well but still felt off about when he died to diabetes.

Aside from pet deaths(mostly hamsters & baby mice I tried to take in because I didn't want them to fend for their selves after being found & separated from their family by mistake) I've never really dealt with many other family deaths. I just want to not think about it because I kind of feel dead inside about what's happened, I'm just rambling/repeating myself & I kind of have a hard time explaining things even though I kind of did just now.
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So today I mistakenly broke my 3DS... again...

I've had it for 3-4 years now, my first game for it was Rayman 3D(Rayman 2 on the 3DS) because I had gotten into Rayman at last & started talking about the series to my dad.(I haven't gotten past the level were you free this fairy that people pair Rayman with because I can't seem to get the last cage because of how impossible it is to get in that area of the level for some reason) I've been using the 3DS for a long time & funny enough it's red like my first DS(which was bulky), I no longer have it but still have the one I got after it which is just a slimmer version that is light pastel pink.

Uh sorry got distracted, so a couple times I've mistakenly dropped my 3DS. They weren't that bad the first time even if it chipped the pain & scratched it up near the SD card area though at some point I dropped it again & the bit that has the light that blinks if a friend is on or if you got something from spot/street pass or if the batter is REALLY low fickers. It wasn't that bad but the spot below it would go up & I'd have to push it down when closing the top screen. Tried to use the kind of glue used for sewing, some kind of gem work & for fixing cellphones but it eventually cam off again. I still have the bit on a shelf for if I ever managed to find a place to fix it but otherwise it wasn't a problem. But today -well yesterday since it happened at near/around 11 something pm- I mistakenly dropped it again after trying to be so careful because I don't want to break this thing. This time the area that got broken last time fell off & my 3DS broke in two, some how I was lucky enough that it still worked because the to screen still had wires connected to it.

Sadly I have to stick the piece that fell off in place in order to make the top screen keep standing or it falls down. Also unlucky for me the spot that broke some how made my internet on 3DS stop working. This is especially bad as I have a few trades in Pokemon to do eventually & a friend was going to visit me in Animal Crossing since she was having break this week.

I was given the chance to get a new 3DS around Christmas last year but I didn't because at some point I saw someone posted a video or whatever about transferring their data from their 3DS to their new one & the data being erased some how. Now the person could have mistakenly erased their data after the transfer or something or I was thinking about something else & got mixed up but it made me worried the same would happen to me if I got a new one & transferred the data. There's probably a tutorial on how to do it safely or I might have misunderstood things like I mentioned but for so long this has made me scared of getting a new system.

I now have to face the fact that I need to get a new system or face never being able to use certain features on my 3DS again along with a broken top screen. I likely won't be able to get a new one until Christmas or unless I actually work more on commissions(which I'm slow at). I also have to remake my PayPal account after telling them to close it after they fucked it up when they stopped doing student accounts. I'll try to open it up again later though & get paypal commissions set up eventually.

Also on a completely different note here is an update on my friend's friend that needs help.(It's a link to his journal)
Help Weebie3!Nobody  now has a gofundme to get her funded to help her move. PLEASE! Go help her if you can!

Update: So my stepmom got me a 2DS, it's cheaper & from what little I've messed with it so far it's probably for the better as it's less likely to break or something. I'm kind of surprised I got a new system so quickly, I'm going to make sure to be careful with this system.
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I got tagged

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 10:48 PM

Got tagged by :iconamurderofclowws: I dunno if I'm suppose to do something differently so I'm just copying the things to fill in from them.(Sorry, I don't do this much anymore & there was no mention of what to do for this tag)

Name: Maia(It's said my-UH it's Maya but with an "i" & I'm tired of people calling "me-uh") I have four first names but I'm not telling you

Starsign: Aquarius

Average hours of sleep: That's questionable especially on the two days a week I have work

Lucky number: Dunno but I guess even numbers as I like evens

Last thing I googled: Ironically how to spell Aquarius as I didn't know if spellcheck got the right word

When I started this account: High school, I wanted one but my dad yelled for some reason when I was younger & he saw the name of the site. He claims he doesn't remember that 

Amount of watchers: Surprisingly 285 though some of the accounts are deactivated so I dunno if that can count(I don't really have a moment to count)

What do I post: Lots of stuff especially yaoi, crossdressers, fanfics & preg art

Do I run any more blogs: Tumblr ones

Do I get a lot of comments: I dunno how to answer this

Why did I choose this username: Because it's my pen name, if you mean my current one then I changed it to be my new pen name(LiveWire but leaving it as that was taken) that I sign most of my art on here with. That & so it'd be close to my pen name(as mentioned) because some fuck on Twitter stole a screenshot edit I spent DAYS working on to look like it was part of the screenshot. it was taken from my friend's post as I wasn't to sure about posting it yet as I wasn't far into Voltron at the time.

I don't have anyone to tag so say tag in the comments & I'll mention you here if you want to be tagged

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Wasn't on earlier so posting this now

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2017, 10:44 PM
Also poor spelling that spellcheck won't help me with

So things didn't turn out how I was hoping since I was going to go with dad instead of waiting for my mom to pick me up after she was done with work.

So dad told me to check for what I wanted to go to. I checked but didn't think about the time so by the time we got there after eating & going to the shops we missed most some. Not like it mattered the Yuri on Ice photo shoot was to late & dad said we'd end up getting home at 12 likely if we went.

So I went to shopping & that was pretty much it before taking a photo with a guy dressed as Victor. Near the end of my time there I finally put the tie on my head(I don't want my dad to question me again) & freaked out when I couldn't find my sock purse. Turns out it was in the car & fell out of my Kitty Bones backpack & onto my seat. In the end we left & messed around in some shops.

I finally got a gas mask for my doll projects but check the site that helped me figure it out I think I bought the wrong thing. I bought one for paint protection & the site said I needed sanding & sealant protection for Mr.Clear & sanding. Luckily I have the receet so I can try to trade it in at home.

I don't have the art supplies for it since I supposedly need artist grade art supplies(according to a video on first time customizing) plus I have to wait for good temperature.(Given the weather we're having I might not be able to do this in spring) I'll buy some later, right now what little money I have left is for ramen.(I spent pretty much everything I had this year along with out of the convention)

When I can I'll show my stuff from the convention, I left it at home so I can't show it. I kind of didn't have much this year but no complaints, got some good stuff. Wasn't able to show dad the game area of the shop since it wasn't there but hopefully it'll be back next year.

This Ohayocon wasn't going that well due to issues going & stuff but I was at least able to go & do well. I'll show my costume & I'll be wearing it again next year, hopefully mom is able to come & we have somewhere to stay next year. That & more money for stuff, the money is not only for the shops but for food, parking & passes to even get into parts of the convention. While I was lucky enough to not have to pay for Asian Star this year I had to help with parking & tickets.

Asian Star is still a good Chinese buffet, I wish I could eat more but I can't since I have to wait to go back which will likely end up being next year during next Ohayocon.

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Plans for Ohayocon 2017

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 3:12 AM
For a while I had been having issues trying to get things ready for Ohayocon. My mom usually takes me to the convention as we both like it & I can't drive.(This is also the only convention within range that I'm able to go to & know of) 

Mom wasn't able to get Saturday off & I don't want to go Sunday due to that being the last day & everything likely being packed up or gone from the stores.(The stores are what I like the most at Ohayocon) My friend from high school was going to come with her boyfriend & we were planning to go together but then she had to cancel due to her mom being in & out of the hospital. Even if she could have gone I didn't know about where we were staying the night especially since my mom's friend(that we stay with when going to Ohayocon) wasn't able to let us stay.

Luckily we talked things out with my dad, he'll be taking me early on Saturday to Columbus & once mom gets off of work she'll come pick me up from the convention before we go to grandpa's. I'm not sure if I'll be interested in any of the panels due to the panels not being as interesting the last two years(I hope there are some good ones) so you'll likely find me at the shops buying stuff.

I don't really have anything to make a costume especially on short notice, saving up for the convention & the fact we don't go out much. Luckily I got enough to be drunk Yuuri with a sign from Yuri on Ice. So look for the Yuuri with a tie on their head, a sign(with likely a backpack) & crappy Mary Jane crocks. I'll likely have my Bones Kitty(Stocking's plush cat) backpack but I dunno if that'll help.

In other news, I'm getting my blood drawn(I dunno the correct spelling) for my doctor's appointment which is coming up. I've been trying to be careful for a while so I don't have to take incline. After tomorrow I'll be able to go back to everything else & I dunno how to explain this. It's also good as I've been waiting all year to go to Asian Star when I went to Ohayocon.

Asian Star is a good Chinese buffet that I use to go to all the time as a kid when I lived in Columbus. We went there so much that the staff still recognizes us when we head there which can be awkward as I over filled my take out box last time since that would pretty much be the only time I go there that year. I'm really hoping we eat in this time instead of getting it to go, I'm not sure if mom told grandpa we'd be there at a certain time. Then again we were planning to look at an Asian market that opened up a while back so I dunno.

Anyway my head hurts, I haven't gone to bed yet, I've been playing Pokemon Moon a lot & I should get off now. Hopefully I have enough money for a gas mask after the convention, I have 3 dolls I want to customize & I need a mask due to Mr. Clear sealt.

Update: So change of plans I'll be going home with my dad instead of going with mom & I looked at the schedual in advance so I'll actually be staying for most of the day. Though at some point I'll be heading out to Asian Star for lunch. Other than that I'm still dressed as drunk Yuuri

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I forgot to do this earlier

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 12:52 AM
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What I did for New Years:
What I do every night & on my days off(just watch something on my Kindle while be on my laptop) but used my Animal Crossing game for a countdown(we don't watch TV much so we didn't buy cable just internet)

It wasn't even the new Animal Crossing New Leaf, it's Animal Crossing Wild World because I have yet to remake my New Leaf town. Plus I forgot my charger at my dad's house so I couldn't have used it anyway due to extreme low battery.(You know when the light for notifications like friends being on & stuff plus the light for the batter start flickering red)

While I'm at it DO NOT get Animal Crossing Wild World on the virtual console, due to space most of their holidays including Present Day had to be taken out. At the most you'll get a bug or fish competition, a flee market, New Years countdown & the acorn festival. Not to mention they took out the wifi & there are things that you can only do with wifi & given their other games on Virtual Console(unless it's the first Pokemon games) Nintendo did nothing about fixing this. Go with New Leaf, there's more content & the holidays are back.

Go here after my rant on how stupid it is that they put Wild World on the Virtual Console due to not much going on in it especially with wifi off:
Besides pizza from the local bar we didn't do much for New Years party snacks. We had a little bit more last year(pretty much just pizza with chips & dip) I guess it could be worse, we could have had nothing.

Mom went to visit grandpa & hasn't come back yet. I'm guessing he's in the hospital again since mom didn't wake me up. Other than that it was a normal day off, I don't have work tomorrow since they're closed & I don't go on Tuesdays so 2 more days off. I'll try to make a Christmas pic & a New Years pic later & hopefully I'll have my charger back before the 8th due to needing to move items in New Leaf before redoing my town.

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Thoughts on 2016

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 2:20 AM
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Bad things to happen:
-Trump as president & neither canidate was great especially counting Trump's vise president
-My grandpa got cancer
-My step mom's cat died so his sister is loopy now
-My uncle's girlfriend's dog had to be put down
-Antis on Tumblr
-Dad is still a prick
-Cute-Mall on eBay fucked up my order
-Most of my old friends from YouTube don't talk much(well with Jim it's my fault for not getting on the WiiU much)
-Some of the friends I made on DA aren't talking much besides Fluffy & S
-I feel depressed & lonely but that's normal
-PayPal shut down it's student account system so I have to get a new account now
-Two people posted my art & a screenshot edit I worked hard on elsewhere without permission

Good things:
-Pokemon Moon
-I finally started working on my dakimakura
-Stardew Valley
-Yuri on Ice
-Better laptop(My dad gave me a faster laptop that has more space)
-I finally have a job I like(ok so it's my second time getting a job, I mean to say my boss isn't a prick like my first one)

All in all I'm not having high hopes for 2017

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This post will be deleted when goal is met

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2016, 10:57 PM
Anyone want to trade in Pokemon Sun & moon?

I got a level 1 Japanese Mimikyu & a level 32 Jaanese Popplio at the moment. I'm also willing to trade my level 1 Litwick(Japanese) or Rufflet(Spanish)

I'll trade for any pokemon as long as they're holding an everstone. I really need an everstone for my Rowlet.

If possible I'll even go with just trading the pokemon then allowing you to get your pokemon back if you need the entry. I just don't want my Rowlet to evolve & from searching the internet I was only able to find out you could only get one from a captain.(Makes me annoyed as I use to farm for them in a cave in X)

While I'm ok with any pokemon I'd especially like an Espurr or a male Popplio with a timid nature

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Current update and then rambling

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2016, 4:28 PM
My dad brought over my new -well it's new for me & use to be my brother's laptop- laptop. I'm glad he decided not to take my old laptop incase I needed something still because I had to go back & get some stuff.

Also I got core again though the 2 year core thing seems to be gone so it's only a year core.

My inner pillow for a dakimakura came finally after TWO MONTHS PASSED SINCE IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE HERE! Also it's not extra stuffed but at least it's still good for cuddling because my body needs something to prop up on when sleeping. It awkwardly feels like my bra... On the bright side I found a zipper so I can put more stuffing in.

The bad news is that this wasn't worth the mix up that caused Cute-Mall on eBay to have to resend it & not worth $82. I'm not buying from them again but then again I only bought this from them because of the good ratings & the pillow costing less then on

Speaking of their site's name is kind of redundant because dakimakura literally means "body pillow" so they're actually called animbodypillowpillow

I also bought Pokemon Moon recently & I chose Rowlet. I have a weird thing for calling pokemon thing(my starter for Pokemon X is named Bubble & it should be obvious who I chose) so the owl is called "Fluff". I'll be giving them an everstone(like with Bubble) which reminds me when I caught Pokemon in X just to farm everstones.

It's cold here but at least I'm not outside

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Welp this has been ok I guess but also annoying. I'm stuck at a place with buggy internet, it's slightly slow & I can only get on the internat(well browser wise) on my iPad while my laptop can't get on besides Skype. I'm also staying in a mini house outside of the one we're staying at & my brother turned the heat off last night.

I can't do much & some images won't load when I look at them on DA. I even looked at a gif image someone made & the internet though it was a site with malware or ever the hell it's spelled. Speaking of DA, I haven't asked my mom about getting core yet & the ads are annoying. They load when you least expect them so I often mistakenly click them, I joined DA before shit like this happened so I'm surprised at how shit the site can be with all the fucking ads.

I also am so close to getting Pokemon Moon in the eShop but my DS isn't connected to the internet nor have I bought a gift card to add to my eShop balance thing. Speaking of shopping as well my fucking pillow isn't here yet, what the hell is with delivery? Even the seller is confused as to what happened.

Besides that the food is good, it's kind of peaceful & if I'm lucky I'll get to buy the RPG maker I need when I get home before the sale ends on Steam. I also got a Wal Mart giftcard from my boss so I might be able to get some stuff soon for customizing dolls & an DS Amiibo reader. That & hopefully Chinese food this Wensday, so I guess I can look forward to that.

I hope to go to Wal Mart soon & that my new laptop(dad is switching mine with my brother's & my brother is getting my dad's old computer, my grandma might get my laptop) doesn't have Windows 8 nor 10, my dad is annoyed his new one has it.

Update: Didn't find what I wanted at Walmart except for Rise of the Guardians on DVD.(So I have that) Laptop wasn't able to be switched yet, might do it a week or so. Room I was staying in is still fucking cold, at least I'm home.
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Core ran out, geez I never knew how annoying ads are especially when logged in.

Well my mom is helping me with core eventually, what a long weekend
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So I bought a 160x50 cm dakimakura with extra stuffing from an eBay seller called “Cute-Mall”. At first everything seemed to go ok but then they decided to send the pillow in the mail on one of the days the item was predicted to come. After waiting even longer I get this fucking pillow case.

I have no idea who she is, I’m working on making a custom dakimakura case so I can buy a custom from Anime Dakimakura Pillow. While I’m at it I got an email saying that the pillow was coming in the mail & the email was from this site. So either some how both parties messed up or something because I was also sent pictures of my order in the email.

So anyway I was a bit mad & tried to stay calm while complaining to them. They apologized & said I could keep the pillow sheet while they resent my order. After that I calmed down some & waited but it’s been pretty much a full month & longer than the sheet took to come in the mail. I have sent a message to them & it’s taking longer than last time for them to respond.

So don’t buy from Cute-Mall, if you do then be careful as I’m unsure if this is the first time they made this mistake. Their account says they have very positive feed back around 92% or so but I’m not sure what to think since they haven’t sent the item they said they’d send after giving me the wrong item.

With luck they haven’t lied nor forgotten & I’ll finally be able to calm down. I’ve been scammed in the past when I tried to buy a collector’s edition of a game, I also saw a post were someone ordered a Nendoroid only to get a bootleg then told they could keep it while being told they’d get the one they ordered but never got it.

I know I’m just being paranoid & that it was likely a mistake & they’re likely busy but I can’t stop thinking about it. I spent around $85 on this due to wanting a pillow that fits the 160x50 cm pillow case. As embarrassing as it sounds my mom actually helped me with this & even she’s worried that the eBay seller is taking to long.

I’m just worried & stuff, you can just ignore this but be careful. I’m fully aware to be careful when on eBay & up until this point I’ve successfully & carefully bought items on eBay. I had a scare moment before when buying a pre-owed Busou Shinki(Pomock) but it eventually came & I calmed down. However it didn’t take as long on this.

I guess I’m just easily paranoid & it’s hard for me to stop thinking about things though not as bad as issues with hearing noises that bug me.(I cried when some told me to get over it) I’m not sure if my autism is the reason or what, as I said before I hope I’m wrong & will get the pillow I ordered.

...I should have listened & just get a pillow from a local store or some crap...

Update: Finally got a message back, they apologized about it being late & seem to wonder why it didn't come yet. They gave me a tracking code & I still hope I'm just still paranoid. While they're pretty nice & -as said before- have a good rating on eBay, still be careful.(At this point i think I am just paranoid)

Need help with models

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2016, 8:05 PM

Can someone help me?

I saw that someone found out how to turn MMD models into Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint(pretty much the same program but different names) models.

I tried it once but the model had no texture & the tutorial had it so I couldn't pose them unless with premade poses.(Which would be hard depending on the model)

The person that had the tutorial had models that worked in Clip Studio, I mostly want to be able to edit a model in MMD to be able to work on Clip Studio for personal reasons like 3D model refs.(Especially since I have trouble with MMD lagging my computer)

Can anyone help?

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I'm sorry to :iconriddleaugust:, I know the journal was stupid & I shouldn't have put it up

I'm sorry for complaining & I won't come back to Mayternity. I'm sorry forgetting upset over a small thing & making you disappointed that I did that.

I'll stop mentioning you & won't contact you again. I'm not sure why I was so upset over one pic, I'm aware it's September but I can't stop thinking over things sometimes. I get that the journal is uncalled for & that you weren't happy about the fact I was acting like an ass.

I took it down & once again this will be the last time I mention you in a journal.

I should have known the journal was a bad idea & I knew I'd get backlash for it. I should have just deleted the post & get on with everything, I didn't mean anything & it's obvious I made things worse.
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