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Paypal Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 7:22 AM

I know I got a commission list up already but it's old.

I'm doing paypal commission. I'll do whatever you want as long as it isn't sexual. I also have the right to refuse a commission. Also for Helix sake don't ask me how long it takes & if I'm done yet. I'm annoyed when people ask me how far along it is. My request box is mostly closed because of that problem.

Please use the comments here for asking for commissions. PLEASE remember that if you don't want people to know(I put in the description who commissioned the pic) you commissioned the pic the you have to not me the commission request. Remember that IF you note me I'll be under the impression YOU want to be anonymous.

If you ask me for expansion art I only do belly expansion, however it looks like their pregnant. I also do pregnancy & unbirth(as weird as it is) art. Please don't me for nude pics I draw the characters like a Barbie doll so it wouldn't matter but it's still awkward.

I heard that you have to give someone your email address in order to pay. I expect you to only do this & NOT spam my email. I had enough problems with unknown people requesting to be my friend when I was still on Yahoo not to mention I was set on invisible.

Also please know this might take me a while to finish. I will finish your commission done but it could take time.

Ok here are some other rules:
-You have to pay first before I start working on your commission.
-This is PayPal only, if you want to pay with points then go look a my profile page for point commissions.
-Don't steal my art especially when you didn't commission the art
-Don't edit with out permission the only time you can with out permission is if you commissioned lineart & you're going to color it.
-Don't claim you made the art
-Remember to credit me if you use my art

Also please send me a reference pic of a character if they are an OC. I will not be able to draw the character if I do not have a picture of them. Do NOT give me a word description because I might do something wrong. Also don't give me a word description ESPECIALLY if it's nothing but a profile description that says nothing about what they look like.

Prices also kind of reflect how long it could take.
Sketch - $5
Lineart - $10
Colored image - $15 Please tell me if you want shading or not. I'm not making you pay extra for this, I'm just only shading in the eyes if you don't tell me if you want shading or not. Doesn't matter if you ask for shading or not I have habit of shading in the eyes because I want to.
Character ref - $20 please ask for side views & back view if you want them in the pic. If you see random splots of color on the ref the those are color refs for the character.

Comics are $2 but are only one panel. If you want extra panels each panel is $2 & colored in comics are $5

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Submitted on
April 18, 2014